Park Avenue 4 to 3 Lane Conversion Project

Update APRIL 13, 2021

Full depth patching on the west side of Park Avenue from Washington to East 4th Street is expected to wrap up this week as Stage 2A of the Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project is completed. Subcontractor Heuer Construction, Inc., has been working on Stage 2A since work resumed on March 15 after the winter shutdown.

Manatt's, Inc., the prime contractor for the project, anticipates switching to the east side of Park Avenue on Monday, April 19, as Stage 2B of the project begins. 

Lane restrictions are currently in place as the southbound two lanes closed to traffic with two-way traffic shifted to the northbound lanes. The lanes will be switched on Monday (April 19) as the northbound two lanes are closed to traffic with two-way traffic shifted to the southbound lanes. The lane restrictions will be in place through May 13, weather permitting.

East 5th Street is currently closed from Cypress to Park Avenue with local traffic only permitted as work on removing and replacing the pavement in the intersection is underway. The contractor plans to reopen the intersection on Tuesday, April 20, pending a final determination of the concrete's maturity.

When Stage 2B is completed, Manatt's will then switch to the final stage of the project that stretches from Washington to Colorado/Clay.  The entire project is slated to be completed in late August 2021.


Tri City Electric Company of Iowa has completed the installation of the new traffic signals at East 2nd Street and Cypress Street, have removed the next set of traffic lights at Park Avenue and East 5th Street, and have been preparing that intersection for the new traffic signals. The East 5th Street intersection currently has stop signs in place for traffic control. 

The signals at Washington and Park Avenue will also be replaced and the signals at Clay/Colorado and Park Avenue will be modified as part of the project. All signals will be fully activated once the project has been completed.


The entire project is expected to be completed by Fall 2021, weather permitting.


Drivers are reminded to slow down and use caution when travelling through the construction zone, obey traffic control devices, and be aware of workers. Use an alternate route if possible.


The improvements included in the Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project will focus specifically on safety, including traffic lane reconfiguration that would change the road from four lanes (two operating in each direction) to three lanes (one lane in each direction and a center two-way, left turn lane) from Harrison Street to the Iowa 92 bridge. The project will also allow for 74 new sidewalk ramps that would be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, full depth patching of the roadway, and an asphalt overlay.

Manatts,Inc., was awarded the  $2,284,476.07 contract following the June 2020 Iowa Department of Transportation bid letting. IDOT will fund $1,297,714.00 of the project with the rest shared by the City of Muscatine and Muscatine Power & Water.

Tentative Schedule

Park Avenue Project Schedule 01 (JPG)
040221 Park Avenue Full Depth Patching (JPG)

Comments & Concerns

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Learn about 4- to 3-lane conversions

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Conversion Safety

Research suggests significant safety benefits can be achieved through four-lane to three-lane conversion projects, including reduced crashes. Pictured below are common crashes that occur on four-lane, two-way traffic roads.

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