West Hill Sewer Separation Project Phase 4

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Phase 4C of the West Hill Sanitary and Storm Sewer Separation Project (WHSSSSP) begins March 16 depending on the weather. The first stage of the Phase 4C will begin with milling of the pavement on Iowa Avenue from 8th to 9th Street and on 9th Street from Iowa Avenue to Chestnut Street.

Sewer separation and pavement restoration work will also be undertaken on Maiden Lane and Roscoe Avenue, Linn Street from 7th to 8th Street, and on 8th Street from Linn to Broadway. The detour for Phase 4C will be implemented once work begins on 8th Street with regular traffic detoured to 7th Street from Cedar to Broadway. The 7th Street detour will be modified once underground work reaches the Broadway intersection on 8th Street.


The West Hill Area Sanitary and Storm Sewer Project Phase 4C is scheduled to begin on March 16 with work on Iowa Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets and on 9th Street from Iowa to Chestnut. Phase 4C will be completed in three stages with the schedule for all work weather dependent. Phase 4C includes replacement of water main along with storm and sewer mains. The green area (map below) is the area that will be impacted by work in Phase 4C. 

A detour route has been established and will be implemented once work progresses to 8th Street. The detour is the same as the detour for Phase 4B (on 7th Street from Cedar to Broadway to provide the best path for traffic flow and return to West 8th Street at a traffic signal-controlled intersection). Heavy truck traffic will be re-routed away from the residential area. In order to provide a detour route through this neighborhood that is safer for traffic and parked vehicles, parking will again be limited to one side only on 7th Street. No Parking signs will be placed on the river side (even number side) to prohibit parking prior to the implementation of the detour later this summer.

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The contract for Phase 4 of the West Hill Sewer Separation Project was awarded to KE Flatwork, Inc., Eldridge, Iowa, on April 5, 2018, in the amount of $6,109,522.45.