Project Information

West Hill Sanitary & Storm Sewer Separation Project

051519 8th Street work (JPG)Phase IV of the West Hill Sanitary & Storm Sewer Separation Project (WSSSP) was completed December 23, 2020 completing a three-year contract with KE Flatwork, Inc., of Eldridge, Iowa, in the amount of $2,407,510.60.

Phase V, a two-year project, is currently in the final design phase with expectations that the project will be up for bid in February 2021 with construction to start in Spring 2021. 

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2nd Street Streetscape Project

080720 2nd Street Sidewalk Work 001 (JPG)The 2nd Street Streetscape project comprises sidewalks, roadway, utilities, and streetscape construction located on 2nd Street from Mulberry Avenue to Pine Street. Construction primarily includes pavement removal, excavation, concrete sidewalks, concrete roadway paving, underground utility improvements, concrete pavers, and streetscape amenities.

The two-year project was awarded to KE Flatwork, Inc., of Eldridge, Iowa, for $2,932.298.89.

The 200and 300 blocks of East 2nd Street were completed in 2020 with the remaining four blocks to be completed in 2021. No construction activity is permitted from October 1 through December 31 to avoid disruptions with holiday traffic for the Downtown businesses.

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Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project

120220 Park Avenue and 2nd Street (JPG)Full depth patching for Phase 1 of the Park Avenue 4-to-3 Lane Conversion Project (East 2nd Street from Cypress to Park Avenue) was completed in December 2020. The final three phases (East 2nd Street to Colorado) will be completed in Spring 2021.

The proposed improvements focus specifically on safety, including traffic lane reconfiguration that would change the road from four lanes (two operating in each direction) to three lanes (one lane in each direction and a center two-way, left turn lane). The City is looking to make these conversions on Park Avenue from Harrison Street to the Iowa 92 bridge. The lane reconfiguration will also allow for new sidewalk ramps.

Manatts,Inc., was awarded the  $2,284,476.07 contract following the June 2020 Iowa Department of Transportation bid letting. IDOT will fund $1,297,714.00 of the project with the rest shared by the City of Muscatine and Muscatine Power & Water.

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Grandview Avenue Corridor Revitalization Project

Grandview AvenueThe proposed Grandview Avenue Corridor Revitalization Project includes roadway improvements on the 2.2 mile stretch of Grandview Avenue from Franklin Street to the U.S. 61 bypass. The Grandview Avenue project now also includes a portion of the Dual Use Redundant Force Main Project. The project will be bid by the Iowa Department of Transportation at its March 2021 bid letting with the two-year construction period to begin in Spring 2021.

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Making the Grandview Corridor Green and Complete (PDF)

Dual Use Redundant Force Main Project

110617sewerlinefix001A study of the existing conditions with regards to the current force main, a concept design, and estimated costs has been completed with final design work underway. The project complies with a DNR/EPA mandate to complete the installation of the dual use redundant force main by 2026 after a force main failure due to a collapsed portion of the line from Musser Park to the Water and Resource Recovery Facility that resulted in an emergency repair during the winter of 2017-2018.

Riverside Park Master Plan

RiverfrontThe updated Riverside Park Master Plan features the riverfront as an asset, promotes additional recreational activities, supports community wellness, and continues to promote Muscatine’s Downtown as an opportunity for investment. Included are plans for a Beer Garden, Truck Vendors, Entertainment Area, Riverview Center/Papoose Pump Station, Tiered Amphitheater, and Riverfront Demountable Floodwall. 

For more information, visit Mississippi Riverfront Project.

West Side Trail

061620 West Side Trail - Houser Hill 002 (JPG)The $1.221,380.28 contract for the West Side Trail Project (1.26 miles of graded and paved pedestrian and bike trail) was awarded to Heuer Construction of Muscatine, Iowa., on September 5, 2019. The project was completed in the Summer 2020. A formal ribbon cutting will be held in Spring 2021.

The West Side Trail, one of the four projects contained in the CAT Pearls of Progress grant, will connect the trail head on South Houser Street with the trail system inside Discovery Park. The West Side Trail will be the fourth trail to meet at the South Houser Street trail head. The others include the Musser Park to Kent Stein Park Trail, Kent Stein Park to Deep Lakes Park Trail, and the Muscatine Pollinator Park Trail.

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East Hill Multi-Use Facility

City Council tours former IDOT facility on Lake Park Boulevard 007 (JPG)The East Hill Multi-Use Facility (formerly IDOT Lake Park Boulevard site) is tentatively planned to be used by the Department of Public Works, Muscatine Fire Department, and Muscatine Police Department among others. A study has been completed with the City completing a facilities assessment before proceeding with design work in 2021.