Mississippi Riverfront

Consensus Plan Mississippi Riverfront Study (1997)

In 1997, the Consensus Plan Mississippi Riverfront Study was adopted by the City of Muscatine, Iowa. The study was to highlight site development issues and implementation strategies to improve efficiency and user needs within Riverside Park. One of the objectives within the Consensus Plan included providing residents and visitors with operationally efficient, cost effective and publicly accessible boating facilities. Other objectives included providing public pedestrian promenades and other pedestrian improvements around the marina that would increase user safety and security. It was also important during the study to improve the overall economic development potential of the area by creating focal points, destinations and vital connections or links between downtown and the riverfront. Many of these objectives were implemented.

Final Report - June 1997 (PDF)

Riverside Park Master Plan Update 2017

Twenty years after successfully implementing many of the original elements descried in the original Consensus Plan, an update has been created to expand on the great achievements of the original plan which included relocating the public boat launch, installing restroom facilities and a playground, renovating Riverside Center and Pearl City Station, and creating better connectivity throughout the park. The update focuses on creating an entertainment venue within the park, developing potential options for the former boat launch, creating a destination for Mississippi Riverboat Cruises, offering food and beverage options along the Mississippi River, increasing boat launch amenities, and increasing and improving pedestrian connectivity.

Presentation May 10, 2017 (PDF)

Presentation and Council Approval November 2, 2017 (PDF)

Additional Information

Riverfront Strategic Growth Plan (PDF) - May 2014 - published by The University of Iowa School of Urban & Regional Planning | Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities

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