Actions of the Council

Action Details

Business presented to the City Council is disposed by one of the following actions:

  • Motion - A motion is used to bring business before the City Council for consideration and action on an agenda item.
  • Resolution - Resolutions are proposed to set general policy, give formalized direction to staff, approve administrative actions, or for other reasons as required in the laws of the State of Iowa.  Resolutions must be approved by a majority of all City Councilmembers (not just those present) and in some circumstances may require a three-fourths (3/4) affirmative vote as required by law.
  • Ordinance - An ordinance is needed to make changes to the City Code and to provide for any type of legislative enactment. An ordinance is the most binding and permanent type of council action and can be appealed or amended only by a subsequent ordinance. Depending on the type of ordinance, the City Council may hold a public hearing which provides the community with official notice that comments will be accepted by Council prior to deciding on the ordinance

For More Information

See full Rules of Council

If you have any questions please contact the city clerk's office at 563.264.1550.