Bike Patrol

The Muscatine Police Department implemented its first dedicated Bike Patrol in 1996 as a growing system of citywide parks and walking / hiking trails began demanding police services. In addition to patrolling the parks and trail system the department bike patrol also works during special events where crowds and limited space make a squad car impractical.

The Bike Patrol has also been a bonus to our patrol division in fight night time crimes of opportunity such as criminal mischief and vehicle burglary. The ability to move quickly and quietly through a neighborhood makes the Bike Patrol one of the most useful tools in the department's arsenal.

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Did You Know…

Presently Muscatine has over 10 miles of paved and unimproved trails and walking paths, as well as 20+ parks with more than a combined 550 acres throughout the city. Areas such as the Soccer Complex and Kent-Stein Park are best patrolled on bicycle since there are few roads at either location.