EMS Billing

Muscatine Fire Department Ambulance Service works hard to serve the community by providing the highest quality patient care available. Your timely response to assist our Ambulance Service in being reimbursed for our services is greatly appreciated.

In this section of our website you will find answers to frequently asked questions about your ambulance bill. If there are any questions you have that are not answered here, please don't hesitate to call our office at 563-263-9233 or our current billing company, PCC, INC. in Castlewood, SD 57223. Toll free # 877-882-9911.

Thank you once again for visiting our EMS billing section of our website. We hope this section is helpful in answering your questions and allowing you to easily fulfill your obligation to the Muscatine Fire Department Ambulance Service that served you.

Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Question: I have insurance, have you submitted my claim to the insurance company?

Answer: If we did not obtain your insurance information at the time of the ambulance call we send an insurance information form along with your first bill. If you want us to bill your insurance, please fill out, sign and return the insurance information form. A copy of your insurance card (front and back) would be very helpful. If you do not have access to a copy machine stop by our office at 312 E. 5th Street in Muscatine and we will be glad to make copies of your cards. Depending on what insurance you have we might be able to take your insurance information over the phone.

NOTE: We will bill your Insurance Company for you but the bill still remains your responsibility until it is paid in full.

Question: I have Medicare, will they pay my ambulance bill?

Answer: We cannot send your bill to Medicare without your signature allowing us to do so. Medicare requires that we have your signature as authorization to bill and accept payments on your behalf. The signature also allows us to bill any secondary insurance you may have after Medicare pays the initial claim.

Generally, Medicare will cover most medically necessary ambulance transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Emergency ambulance transportation is covered after you have had a sudden medical emergency, when your health is in serious danger, and when every second counts to prevent your health from getting worse. Medicare will only cover ambulance services to the nearest appropriate medical facility that is able to give you the care you need. If you choose to be transported to a facility farther away, Medicare's payment will be based on the charge to the closest facility.

Non-emergency transports are covered when you need transportation to diagnose or treat your health condition and you cannot be transported by any other means. You must have a signed doctor order: PCS (Physician Certification Statement), to have these services considered by Medicare.

If we believe that Medicare will not pay for your non-emergency ambulance transport, we will ask you to sign an ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice.) This notice provides the information regarding the possible non-payment of Medicare and allows you the option of accepting the services realizing you may be responsible for the payment of the transport.

For information on Medicare's policies regarding coverage for ambulance services you can visit Medicare's website, select "Search Tools" then select "Find a Medicare Publication". Then choose "Medicare Coverage of Ambulance Services" booklet. Or you may call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.

Question: If my insurance denies this claim what are my options?

Answer: It is the patient's responsibility to follow up with the insurance company, if you feel they should have paid. A phone call to our office at 1-563-263-9233 or the billing company PCC, INC. 877-882-9911 informing us that you are appealing the claim is needed at that time.

Question: What are my options for making payment on my balance due?

Answer: You can mail your check or money order along with the perforated portion of your statement in the enclosed envelope that came with your bill. Or you can send your Credit Card information in that envelope. We accept Visa and MasterCard. You can also call our Finance Department at City Hall with your Credit Card information to make your payment. Their number is 1-563-264-1550.

Question: I am on a fixed income and cannot afford paying this bill in 1 payment. Will you accept payment arrangements?

Answer: We understand that some patients may have difficulty paying for their ambulance bill and we will make payment arrangements with you. Please call The Muscatine Fire Department Ambulance Service at 1-563-263-9233 or call the billing company PCC, INC. at 877.882.9911

Question: I got a "Final Notice" what do I do now?

Answer: You got a final notice because we have not heard from you. You need to contact us to pay the balance of your statement or to make a payment arrangement. It is our policy that if no arrangements have been made within 90 days, we will turn the account over to our collection agency.

After the account has been turned over to the collection agency all contact needs to be made with them. They are MCOA (Municipal Collections of America). Their phone is 877-751-7115.

We hope that you have found these questions and answers to be helpful. If you have any suggestions please call The Muscatine Fire Department Ambulance Service at
1-563-263-9233 or Email.