Beer / Liquor License

Beer/Liquor License Instructions

An applicant for a Beer Permit or Liquor License is responsible for filing their application online at the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division (ABD) Website. The applicant will need to inform the Finance Department that the application has been filed online and submit the notarized signature page of the application, a warranty deed or lease showing legal ownership or lease for the premises, and a sketch of the premises showing entrances, exits, restrooms, bar, kitchen and a layout of the area where beverages are being served and stored.

Note: The Finance Department has a Notary Public available to notarize the signature page.

All Beer Permit and Liquor License applications require City Council approval. Prior to local approval applications are required to be reviewed by the Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Community Development Director.

Please contact the Finance Department at 563.264.1550 or the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division at 515. 281.7400 for more information.

Process Time of License

The process time for a new application will be approximately 1 month. New license applications need to be considered at 2 council meetings for final approval.

Applications Due in the Finance Department

The City Council meets the first and third Thursday of each month. New or renewal applications must be completed and submitted to the Finance Department 1 week prior to the council meeting at which they are requesting to be approved.

After Council Approval

Finance Department staff will add the city's approval of the application on the Alcoholic Beverage Division (ABD) website following City Council's approval. The ABD will review the application and issue the license. After approval by the ABD, the city can obtain the new license number and its effective date and provide it to the Licensee. The license will be emailed to the Licensee and the local authority.