Police Personnel Benefits

Medical and Dental Insurance

The City of Muscatine provides medical insurance administered by Wellmark Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Iowa at minimal cost for all full time employees. Family medical insurance is also available at a minimal cost to the employee.

The City of Muscatine provides dental insurance to employees. Family coverage is available at an adjusted cost.

Life Insurance

A $20,000 life insurance policy is provided to Police personnel. Additional life insurance and dependent life insurance is available to be purchased through Human Resources.


All police personnel become members of the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa (MFPRSI) upon hire. Employees are required to contribute to the pension fund at a rate of 9.4% of their base salary by Iowa Statute 411. Employees are entitled to full retirement benefits when they have served 22 years and have reached the age of 55. Disability benefits, both temporary and permanent, are available through MFPRSI.

Deferred Compensation

All permanent employees are eligible to participate in a 457 deferred compensation plan administered by the ICMA.


Vacation is earned annually as follows:

1st Year
40 Hours
2nd Year
80 Hours
5th Year
120 Hours
13th Year
160 Hours
20th Year
200 Hours

Uniform Allowance

An annual uniform allowance in the amount of $850 is paid to each non-probationary officer in 2 equal amounts each January and July.


All employees receive 10 paid holidays per year. Some of the holidays worked by the employee are paid at 1 and ½ times the base pay for that day plus the holiday pay.

EAP and Wellness Program

The Employee Assistance Program assists employees and their dependents in dealing with personal problems or concerns. This is a confidential service provided through Genesis at no cost to the employee.

The City provides wellness programs and initiatives to employees and their families throughout the year. Most are at no cost to the employees.