Muscatine County Landfill

Muscatine County Landfill

The Muscatine County Landfill was created based upon rules governing from the State of Iowa to create a regional landfill for the 99 counties in Iowa in the 1970’s. Before then, every city had a town “dump site.” The Muscatine County Solid Waste Management Agency came into effect on July 2, 1973, with members from each community and the County of Muscatine, Iowa.

In 1978, the City of Muscatine entered into an agreement with the Muscatine County Solid Waste Management Agency to operate the Muscatine County Landfill on behalf of the solid waste management agency. This agreement is still in place today between the City of Muscatine and the agency.
The Muscatine County Landfill is located on Hwy 61 N, near Stockton, Iowa. There are approximately 150 acres of landfill in use and reserved or reserved for development.  During fiscal year, 2017-2018 construction of Cell #5 was completed. This 2.4 acre cell will be utilized for the next 8-9 years. 


The Muscatine County Landfill is not open to the public for operations. The Muscatine Recycling Center and Transfer Station receives waste from residents and businesses in our service area. Transfer trailers haul waste from the transfer station to the landfill. Operations of the hauling and landfill are contracted out to private contractors.

Muscatine County Landfill utilizes alternative covers, such as tarp for covering of waste 4 days a week to save on dirt and landfill space. One of the photos to the right show the tarp being placed on waste in the Phase II landfill cell area.

The Muscatine County Landfill has regulations, just like the Muscatine Recycling Center and Transfer Station is by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Rules and regulations for operations to protect Iowa’s environment and provide safe environment sound disposal options for residents.

View a video of operations at the Muscatine County Landfill.