Full Depth Patching Project


Heuer Construction, Inc., was awarded the $440,800.00 contract for the 2021-2022 Full-Depth Patching Project at the November 4, 2021 Muscatine City Council meeting. Work will begin in Spring 2022.

The City of Muscatine Roadway Maintenance Division has compiled a list of streets that qualify for full-depth concrete patching, based on a matrix previously developed. The project specifications will be made available at the public hearing. 

The streets included in this project are:

Isett Avenue: Bidwell Road to Heinz Pedestrian Entrance

Houser Street: Fulliam Avenue to Dawson Street

Stewart Road: Oregon Avenue to Wallace Street

Robin Road: Sunrise Circle east to end of Concrete

Frontage Road: Cleveland Street to Ford Avenue

Devitt Avenue: Ridgewood Avenue to Pinefield Street

Cedar Street: 1608 Cedar Street

051321 Full Depth - Sterling Woods Court 01 (JPG)