Full Depth Patching Project

UPDATE: June 20, 2022

Full Depth Patching - First concrete repair on Isett Avenue 062022 (JPG)Full depth patching continues on Isett Avenue from the Heinz pedestrian crossing to Clay Street, the final street section that will be repaired as part of the FY21-22 program.


The 2021-2022 Full-Depth Patching Project had a late start due to funding concerns that pushed the bid process into the fall. The $440,800 contract was awarded to Heuer Construction on October 5, 2021, but actual work was delayed until April due to weather and logistic concerns.


Heuer completed two emergency repairs, on Hershey Avenue and on Liberty Street, and then completed repairs in the 1600 block of Cedar Street, on Houser Street, and on Frontage Road before moving to Isett Avenue.

BACKGROUND: Heuer Construction, Inc., was awarded the $440,800.00 contract for the 2021-2022 Full-Depth Patching Project at the November 4, 2021 Muscatine City Council meeting. Work will begin in Spring 2022. The City of Muscatine Roadway Maintenance Division has compiled a list of streets that qualify for full-depth concrete patching, based on a matrix previously developed. The project specifications will be made available at the public hearing.