Posted on: August 3, 2017

Fortenbacher named Transit Supervisor

Fortenbacher, Amy

MUSCATINE, Iowa – A former City of Muscatine employee saw an opportunity to come back, applied, and was recently named the Transit Supervisor. Amy Fortenbacher was named the City of Muscatine Transit Supervisor on July 24 and replaced Kristi Korpi who is now the Solid Waste Manager for the City.

“I am very excited to be back working for the City of Muscatine,” Fortenbacher said. “A lot of the same people are still here and that made it very comfortable coming into this position.”

Fortenbacher was a transit dispatcher for the City of Muscatine before leaving to work as an accounting manager for Crossroads, Inc., last January. A native of Muscatine and a graduate of Muscatine High School and Muscatine Community College, Fortenbacher has a degree in Finance from the University of Northern Iowa.

“When this position came open I knew that I had to apply,” Fortenbacher said. “I really enjoyed working for the City and this was a great opportunity that I could not pass up.”

Fortenbacher is married to Mark and the couple has four boys, two in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. She worked as a field appraiser for Muscatine County out of college and also worked for the County Treasurer before leaving business to raise the couple’s children. She did find time to run a tent rental business for 18 years.

Fortenbacher is a huge Cubs fan and gets to Wrigley Field as often as she can.

“We try to get over there two or three times a year,” Fortenbacher said. “It is just a great experience and a lot of fun.”

Korpi was the Acting Solid Waste Manager until July 1 when she was named the Solid Waste Manager. She was also holding down her previous position, Transit Supervisor, until Fortenbacher’s appointment.

Fortenbacher is in charge of the MuscaBus services. Information on the public transport system for the City of Muscatine can be found at http://www.muscatineiowa.gov/75/Public-Transit.


Brandy Clelland has been with the City of Muscatine since November and has recently taken on a new role. Clelland works in the Public Housing department for the City of Muscatine and was recently named the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Coordinator following the retirement of Karen Cooney.

Clelland, BrandyClelland is a graduate of Ashford University with a degree in Social Science and Psychology with a minor in Juvenile Justice. She worked several years in Rock Island doing crisis and juvenile intervention along with working with at-risk youth.

“I want to make a difference,” Clelland said. “One person at a time. I work with adults and adulating is very hard. But if I can inspire one individual to be better than I am successful.”

The FSS program is a voluntary program that assists Section 8 housing families and individuals achieve economic independence by securing and maintaining suitable employment. The program and the available support system enable individuals to reach their own goals which might include home ownership, training and other educational goals, ending welfare dependence, and even starting their own business.

Muscatine is a community with great community involvement and that helped in her decision to apply to the City of Muscatine. That and it is a lot closer to home.

“I used to travel an hour both ways to and from work,” Clelland said. “Now it is just a short drive.”

That allows her to spend more time with her husband and three children, two boys and a girl.

For more information on the FSS program offered by the City of Muscatine, visit http://www.muscatineiowa.gov/204/Family-Self-Sufficiency-FSS-Program.


Joining the ranks of the Community Development Department as a Community Services Officer/Code Enforcer is Randy Rosa who has the afternoon shift for the City of Muscatine. Grant Pickering has the morning shift.

“I really like it,” Rosa said about working for the City of Muscatine. “This is a great job but it isn’t easy.”

Rosa, RandyRosa is a former professional baseball player having spent three years in Class A ball. He was studying Exercise Science at Iowa Wesleyan on a baseball scholarship where he met his future wife, Karla.

“Baseball was amazing and the time I spent playing professional were the best years of my life,” Rosa said.

His passion for sports first led him to Parks and Recreation Director Richard Klimes to see if he would have a position open.

“He didn’t have one but he knew that this position was available so I applied,” Rosa said. “I really didn’t know much about code enforcement at first but I have found that I really like the work.”

For questions about City of Muscatine Codes or zoning, visit the Community Development web site at http://www.muscatineiowa.gov/26/Community-Development.

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