MUSCATINE Transfer Station

About the Station

The City of Muscatine Transfer Station is the facility where garbage collection, and composting are managed. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitor landfill and Transfer Station activity. The City of Muscatine abides by the guidelines and regulations set by DNR and EPA.


  • Transfer Station - A 24,200-square-foot building used as a refuse dumping area, some recyclable sorting, and the loading of transfer semi-trailers.
  • Administration Wing - A 10,500-square-foot building that contains management offices, a receptionist / scale operator, a shower room, locker rooms, a break room, tipping floor viewing room, and a public meeting room
  • Equipment Garage - A 18,400-square-foot building that contains a heated truck wash bay, maintenance area, and heated storage for refuse collection trucks, transfer trailers / tractors, recycling trailers, and dumpsters

History of the Station

In December 1991, with the landfill near Stockton reaching maximum capacity and the passing of the Iowa Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling Act of 1989, the Muscatine City Council approved a recommendation to pursue the construction of a recycling center and transfer station at 1000 South Houser Street. Construction of a state-of-the-art complex began in July 1994. The official dedication ceremony was held October 28, 1995.

Transfer Station Tipping Floor Policy

For employee and customer safety and for liability concerns, staff working at the City of Muscatine Transfer Station will not provide mechanical and or physical aid to customers unloading materials from cars, trucks or trailers.

Such aid may include but is not limited to; pulling loads off of customer trailers with chains, cables or ropes hooked to machinery, using machinery to push or pull loads off of customer trucks or trailers, and operating customers trucks and trailers in order to back them on to the tipping floor.

Mechanical aid such as providing battery boosts or providing jumper cables is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and will not be allowed by City of Muscatine Transfer Station Staff to provide.

This policy is not intended to inconvenience customers but to insure the safety and well-being of both the staff of the Transfer Station and its customers on the tipping floor.