Downtown Revitalization

Progress continues to be made on the city’s CDBG Downtown Revitalization Project. Our application was accepted and awarded $500,000 to the city for the Downtown Revitalization project. The grant funds will be used to rehabilitate the rear and side building facades, repair or replaces doors and windows, and repair some decking in the Number 1 alley of the 100 and 200 blocks of east 2nd street. We will be removing overhead power and communication lines and placing them underground, replacing pavement in the alleyway, and investigating new ways to manage stormwater.

The city has contracted HBK Engineering LLC out of Iowa city to assist with planning and designing what should and needs to be done to each building.

Project Updates

3/6/14: An owners meeting was held on March 5, 2014. The meeting focused on having properties ready to receive underground utilities, general update on project, and discussed the importance of everyone working together as we move forward with this project. We will hold another owners meeting the beginning of April.

Site Overview (PDF)
Stormwater Practices (PDF)
Before - After (PDF)
Tentative Schedule (PDF)

Project Information

Sample Easement Agreement (PDF)
Sample Property Acknowledgement (PDF)
Sample Construction Agreement (PDF)