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Smoke Alarm Recall: Kidde models PI2010 and PI9010

Hazards: A yellow cap may have been left on one of the two smoke sensors during manufacturing. This could compromise the smoke alarms' ability to detect smoke. Please click the link above to see if your detector is involved.

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  1. Elaine Shuber 3 (JPG)

    Sheber accepted into the family; supported to improve skills

    Elaine Sheber may have wondered what her life would be like as a female in the fire service when she was deciding on a career while in high school. After 18 months as a member of the Muscatine Fire Department she has her answer. Read on...
  2. Reece Hall 3 (JPG)

    Living in hometown is plus to working for Muscatine Fire

    Reece Hall is in his fourth year of service to the Muscatine community as a member of the Muscatine Fire Department, and enjoys the challenges the position presents while also welcoming the opportunity to live in his home town. Read on...
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