Accepted Items

Common Household Hazardous Waste Accepted

Household Cleaners

Used in the kitchen or bathroom, drain cleaners and floor and furniture polishes etc.

Products such as oil-based paint(latex paint not accepted), stains, varnish, and adhesives etc.

Automotive Products

Lead acid batteries, gasoline, cleaners and wax, brake fluid, and body putty etc.

Motor oil and antifreeze accepted from City of Muscatine residents only.

Insect repellents, weed killers, moth balls, mouse poison, and various garden products etc.


Pool Chemicals, photo chemicals, and artist paints etc.

Medical Sharps

All medical sharps need to be put into a hard plastic container with a lid. This includes a medical sharps disposal container, heavy plastic laundry detergent container or plastic/metal coffee can.  Please label each container with your name, address and phone number before bringing to the front office.

Florescent Light Bulbs
Long tube or CFL (Compacted Florescent Lights) are accepted from residents only.  Businesses should take bulbs to Waste Commission of Scott County.