Waste Reduction Tips

Tips for Spring Clean Up Or Anytime

Here are some tips to make cleaning up this spring (or anytime) be environmental friendly and reduce waste.

  • Utilize homemade cleaners. There are many recipes online to make your own cleaners.
  • Do you have clothing that your family does not wear, fit, or want anymore? Donate to Salvation Army, Goodwill, Jessica's Closet, Fruitland's Lighthouse Clothing Closet, or ask a friend if they might like your items.
  • Do you have a fancy costume, jewelry, or other items such as decorations, furniture, etc that are in good condition, but you do not want anymore? Contact local theater groups, such as Pearl City Players to donate for their clothing closet for theater productions.
  • Old Furniture that needs a new home, but not ready for the landfill yet? WASTE -- is a local group that takes old items and re purposes them for new use.
  • Items that are ready to be thrown away can be put out at the curb for your regular collection day in Muscatine and Fruitland.
  • Old paints and cleaners can be taken to the Muscatine Transfer Station for proper disposal.
  • Spring is the time to clean up and out of items that are no longer needed and can give reuse to many items.