Greenwood Cemetery

Location & Services

Located at 1814 Lucas Street in a beautiful residential area overlooking the Mississippi River valley, Greenwood Cemetery consists of 80 acres of well-maintained lawns, stately trees, and historic memorials. Greenwood isa nonprofit and nonsectarian cemetery with a tradition of caring since 1843.


As a municipally owned and operated facility, Greenwood responds to many burial requests, including those for cremations, the financially indigent, military personnel, and children.

Assistance is also provided in the placement and installation of traditional memorials such as large family monuments, individual headstones, ground-level markers, raised markers, and military markers.

To report a damaged or missing veteran's flag holder, please call the Greenwood Cemetery Office at 563-263-7051, courtesy of Girl Scout Troop 9402. 


Greenwood Cemetery also offers a 104-niche columbarium. Single and double depths are available. Please view this printable trifold brochure (PDF) for more information and details on above ground internment.

Iowa Memorial Granite Sales & Service Office

With the addition of the Iowa Memorial Granite Sales and Service office, you may now go directly to the cemetery to purchase your family memorial in granite or bronze, floral vases, shepherds staffs, remembrance candles, flowers, bronze plaques, floral hanging baskets, etc. They also specialize in foundation repair work and restoration of older memorials.

On the National Register of Historic Places

The Greenwood Cemetery Chapel was entered into the National Register of Historic Places with the State Historical Society of Iowa in 2002. Our professional, courteous staff is available to assist families with location and genealogy questions as well as pre-planning. Group historic tours are also available in the fall.

Greenwood Cemetery's Walk (or Ride) Through History

The Muscatine Parks and Recreation Department's annual Greenwood Cemetery Walk (or Ride) Through History event is held in September and features colorful, historic stories about some of Greenwood Cemetery's most interesting residents. The event is open to the general public, and everyone is encouraged to attend the 1-hour event and learn about the history of Muscatine.

Rules and Regulations (PDF)
Cemetery Map (PDF)

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Greenwood Cemetery office by email or at 563.263.7051.