Fulliam Avenue Reconstruction Project

UPDATE: September 8, 2023

The Fulliam Avenue Reconstruction Project will be completed in three phases as Fulliam is reconstructed from Kindler to Houser with each two-block phase being completed while school is out for the summer.

Phase I is near completion with the Fulliam Avenue roadway from Green Acres Drive to Kindler Avenue replaced. New sidewalk was added on the south side of Fulliam and thee was improvements to the storm sewer system.

The contractor anticipates that all sidewalks and retaining walls will be completed by September 15 with the final construction activity for Phase 1 being the pouring of the intakes for the storm sewer. Phase 1 of the West Fulliam Avenue Reconstruction Project should be wrapped up by the end of the month.

 The driving lanes along with curb and gutter were completed on time allowing the contractor, Heuer Construction, Inc., to open the street up to traffic prior to the start of the new school year. 

 Phase 1 reconstructed West Fulliam from Kindler to West Acre Drive. Phase 2 is tentatively planned for Summer 2024 with Phase 3 set for Summer 2025.

Several design items for the Fulliam Avenue Reconstruction Project had to be added or redesigned during the construction phase including issues with sidewalk and retaining walls and associated tree removals to facilitate construction. In addition, two sewer manholes were added to the plans. After excavation began, a water main was found to be in conflict with a needed catch basin and was relocated.

Heuer Construction, Inc., was awarded the $702,543.50 contract during the May 4, 2023, City Council meeting. Funding for the project comes from Road Use Tax in the Roads Maintenance Budget. 

Fulliam Reconstruction - Sidewalk and Retaining Wall Fabricated (JPG) September 8, 2023

Fulliam Reconstruction Detour Map

Fulliam Reconstruction Phase 1 Detour Map (JPG)