WHSSP Phase 6

Phase 6 Preliminary Map (JPG)

Phase 6 Survey Underway

As construction of Phase 5 of the WHSSP begins, surveying for Phase 6 also begins. Survey crews have started collecting information for future design of Phase 6 and will continue to collect information through October 2021. The area generally includes:



  • Sycamore Street between West 8th Street and Fulliam Avenue.
  • Fulliam Avenue between Sycamore Street and Nelson Drive.
  • 11th Street between Fuller and Sycamore streets.
  • 10th Street between Chestnut and Sycamore streets.
  • Iowa Field and Amy Drive.
  • Roscoe Avenue between Van Horne Street and Fulliam Avenue.
  • Hagerman Drive.
  • Logan Street between Newell Avenue and St. Mary’s Cemetery.
  • Devitt Avenue between Newell Avenue and Eisenhower Street.
  • Newell Avenue between Kindler Avenue and Broadway Street.