West Hill Sewer Separation Project Phase 4

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UPDATE MAY 25, 2018

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Phase 4A of the West Hill Sanitary and Storm Sewer Separation project began at the end of April with the milling of the asphalt off of 7th Street from Cedar to Locust. The driving surface is rough but passable. The sewer excavations began on 7th at Cedar Street and a new sanitary sewer has been installed well into the 100 block of West 7th Street. A priority has been placed on the Contractor to get through Iowa Avenue and get that intersection paved in advance of the 4th of July celebration. The sewer work has been completed in that intersection. The Contractor will work on the rest of the preliminary tasks necessary for paving Iowa Avenue. It is anticipated that the Iowa Avenue intersection will be repaved the first week of June and reopened as soon as possible after that. There is still underground sewer work to do in the 100 and 200 blocks of East 7th Street so they remain active construction areas and will remain closed to local traffic until that work gets done.

Drivers Phase IV Area Mapare reminded that the intersections of Iowa Avenue and Chestnut Street are closed and alternate routes should be planned and utilized. Drivers are also reminded that the Chestnut Street intersection will be closed in the next 2-4 weeks as work moves up the 7th Street hill. Signage will be put in place and the City will announce when the closings occur.

The separation work will be accomplished on a block-by-block basis throughout the summer and fall of 2018. Parking will be allowed on the portions of the street unaffected by the separation work until crews from KMA Excavating begin the sewer separation work in specific blocks.


The contract for Phase 4 of the West Hill Sewer Separation Project was awarded to KE Flatwork, Inc., Eldridge, Iowa, on April 5, 2018, in the amount of $6,109,522.45.

Background Information:

In 2004 Stanley Consultants Inc. signed a contract with the city to proceed with a study and projects for the West Hill area. On September 5, 2007, the city received a stamped Consent Order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requiring that by December 31, 2010, the city would “submit to EPA and IDNR a report describing the projects needed to complete the separation of the remaining combined portions of the sewer system including the West Hill area”. The report “shall include a schedule and estimated cost for completing each project identified therein, and an update on the city’s plans for financing the projects”. Further, “By DECEMBER 31, 2024, completed all projects described . . . above”. Four projects have been identified, each estimated at $15 million to be implemented over the next 14 years to comply with the December 31, 2024 Consent Order date.

West Hill Separation Area

West Hill Sewer Separation Project Phase 3

The sewer construction and street paving work for the West Hill Sewer Separation Project Phase 3C is complete. All streets where work has been done as part of the sewer separation project are now open to traffic. The City and construction company crews have appreciated your patience during this construction year.


Contract for the West Hill Sewer Separation Project, Phase 3, was awarded to Hagerty Earthworks on April 16, 2015 in the amount of $4,988,668.