Project Updates

  1. 2017 Construction Season
  2. 2018 Construction Season

UPDATE (10-13-17) - There is a lot of positive news coming from the Mississippi Drive Reconstruction Project and some that has caused a slight delay in progress. KMA Excavating, the underground contractor for the project, ran into rock near the bluffs which were not as deep as originally thought. This created some redesign work for the water main and the storm sewer. Survey crews were also brought in as the roadway had to be moved slightly closer to the river and away from the bluffs.

KMA Excavating continued work from Linn towards the Bluffs as the redesign was completed earlier this week.

KE Flatworks continued to pour concrete with work progressing on the Pine Street intersection and the parking area from Pine to Linn streets. Work on the Chestnut intersection and Chestnut Street is expected to begin next week which is the final major portion of Phase I yet to be completed.

KE Flatworks remains optimistic that Mississippi Drive from Iowa Avenue to Broadway Street will be substantially complete by Nov. 22, 2017, and open to the public. However, the Canadian Pacific Rail Road crossing at Iowa Avenue will remain closed as CPRR has had to delay the installation of “Quiet Zone” equipment until possibly after Thanksgiving due to crews being sent to areas damaged by the recent hurricanes.

City officials and the general contractor are working with CPRR to try and get the status of the crossing updated prior to the installation of the equipment. The Iowa Avenue crossing must be opened before officials can close the Cedar Street crossing and begin underground work from Sycamore to Mulberry over the winter months. There is the possibility that both traffic crossings and the pedestrian crossings can be completed before the end of the year but that is dependent on the weather and CPRR scheduling.

Those who have been watching the advancement of the Mississippi Drive Reconstruction Project will notice some landscaping being added starting next week.

Drivers are reminded to follow the detour signs to bypass the construction area. More information is available at

Access is still available to all businesses on Mississippi Dive and connected side streets. Parking remains available on Linn Street with a pedestrian crossing established at the Linn Street intersection for patrons of Contrary Brewing, Clamshell, Nutrition Outlet, and Escape Organic Salon.


KE Flatworks of Elbridge, Iowa, was awarded the $8 million contract for the Mississippi Drive Reconstruction Project by the City of Muscatine on April 10, 2017. The project will be completed in four phases with the first phase reconstructing Mississippi Drive from Sycamore to Pine streets including parts of Iowa and Chestnut streets and the railroad crossing at the Iowa Avenue-Mississippi Drive intersection. The first phase is expected to be completed by Aug. 31, 2017. The second phase of Pine to Broadway scheduled to be completed by Nov. 30, 2017 ahead of the winter shutdown. The third phase of Sycamore to Mulberry will begin in the Spring of 2018 with the final phase of Mulberry to the Iowa 92 bridge tentatively expected to be completed by November 2018. Traffic will be restricted at different points in each phase of the reconstruction with a detour (see map) established to bypass the area. However, it is the intention of the City of Muscatine and the contractor to assist any affected business during the construction by placing signage directing traffic to their locations and indicating that these businesses are open.