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UPDATE: May 25, 2018

2nd Street (Mulberry to Mad Creek) - Underground work on 2nd Street from Orange Street to just west of Oak Street has been completed with that section now being prepared for paving by KE Flatwork. Some tile and conduit work must be completed before the actual paving begins, and it is anticipated that this section of the street will be completed by June 22. However, the section will remain closed to most vehicular traffic as the rest of 2nd Street east to Mad Creek is completed.

The closure of 2nd Street from east of the Oak Street intersection to just west of the Family Dollar entrance is tentatively scheduled for June 11. KE Flatwork has contracted with a company to bore underneath the railroad tracks near the Oak Street intersection and the exact closure of this section is depending on when the company can be on site. This section of the street is tentatively scheduled to be completed on September 18.

Once the bore has been completed, the intersection at 2nd and Oak will be closed for reconstruction with a tentative completion date of October 1. KE Flatwork anticipates closing the final section of the 2nd Street project (2nd Street east of Family Dollar to Mad Creek) on May 24 with a tentative completion date of November 12.

A final walk through and completion of punch list along the reconstructed section of 2nd Street will be the last step before the street is reopened to all traffic in mid-November.

Work began Monday, April 9, 2018, on reconstruction of 2nd Street from the intersection with Mulberry Avenue to the flood gate at Mad Creek. The work is being done in four stages with traffic rerouted around the construction zone using 5th Street or Washington Street.

The detour for this construction zone will take west bound traffic off the Iowa 92 bridge over the Mississippi River east to Park Avenue and then to either 5th Street or Washington Street, depending on travel plans. 

(See Project Detour Maps)

The main detour for the Mississippi Drive Corridor Reconstruction Project remains taking Park Avenue to Washington Street to 8th Street to Main Street to Grandview Avenue or taking Park Avenue to the Highway 61 bypass around Muscatine.

Mississippi Drive (Sycamore to Mulberry) - KE Flatwork has paved the majority of the eastbound and westbound lanes of Mississippi Drive from Mulberry to Sycamore this past week with a section of the westbound lane from Walnut to Mulberry expected to be poured today (May 25), depending on the weather. Work also continued on the tie in connections at Sycamore and Cedar Street along with prepping the short section of Mulberry Avenue for paving in the next two weeks.

The revised tentative schedule has the rock, paving, and sidewalks completed by July 27 with landscaping, signage, and cleanup completed by September 28. The reconstructed Mississippi Drive should reopen to traffic shortly after that pending completion of punch list items found during the final walk through by City of Muscatine project managers and KE Flatwork officials.

City officials note that although the work appears to be slightly ahead of schedule, changes in the weather could delay the completion date.

Linn Street Closure - Muscatine Power & Water (MPW) will be closing Linn Street on June 1 from Mississippi Drive to the entrance to the #1 alley on Pine Street for underground electrical work that will connect the underground cabling along Mississippi Drive with the substation. The work is expected to take six weeks to complete with a tentative date of July 17 for reopening Linn Street and the #1 Alley. 

2nd/Mulberry Roundabout - TNegotiations on the acquisition of certain properties along the right-of-way needed for the roundabout at the Mulberry-2nd Street intersection has stalled this portion of the Mississippi Drive Corridor Reconstruction Project. The roundabout design is 95 percent complete but city officials stress that the project is on hold at the present time. Officials hope that the property issues can be resolved in a timely manner and the project can be presented to the Muscatine City Council for approval soon. Once Council approves the roundabout, the project will be let out for bids.

There is still a slim window of opportunity to have the roundabout constructed in the 2018 construction season but that window is quickly closing. Depending on the property acquisition timeline, the project may occur over the winter or be part of the 2019 construction season.

City officials and project managers have been meeting with business owners affected by the 2nd Street work and those who would be affected by the roundabout project to listen to and address any concerns they would have.

THE CONES OF DETOUR - Two detours were established for drivers to use as work progresses on 2nd Street. To bypass the construction work on 2nd Street drivers are urged to use 5th Street from Park Avenue to Mulberry Avenue (no trucks allowed on 5th Street from Park Avenue to Cypress) or use Washington Street from Park Avenue to Cypress then to 8th Street to Mulberry (truck traffic allowed).

In two areas (the intersection of Cypress and Washington and the intersection of 5th and Mulberry) cones have been set in the roadway. The cones divide a turning lane in half and keep traffic down to one lane. This, along with no parking signs on Mulberry approaching 5th Street, was set up to allow for larger vehicles with larger turning radius to be able to make the turn without damaging other vehicles or public property.

Drivers are asked to be cautious at these intersections and be alert to larger vehicles attempting to turn from one street to another.

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2017 Construction Season

Mississippi Drive (Iowa to Broadway) - Mississippi Drive from Iowa Avenue west past Broadway Street was reopened to local traffic at 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 8, wrapping up the majority of construction work for Phases I and II of the Mississippi Drive Corridor Reconstruction Project. The side streets and intersections at Iowa Avenue, Pine Street, and Linn Street were also reopened but Chestnut Street remained closed until March 2018.


Additional parking for downtown Muscatine becomes available when City officials reopen a portion of Mississippi Drive Friday (Dec. 8). Mississippi Drive has been closed from Sycamore to Broadway since May. The first two phases of the reconstruction project have been virtually completed and the City will allow local traffic on Mississippi Drive from Iowa Avenue west towards Carver Corner as the project shifts to phase III.

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